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Author: Maneesh Garg

Why you should go for custom animated video_05may

Why You Should Go For Custom Animated Explainer Video?

  |   Enhancing Business with Videos, Video Animation, Videos in Online Marketing   |   No comment

Do you want people to trust you more? . Do you want your complete say in how your brand is portrayed?  . Do you want a unique style that no one has ever opted?  . If answer to all these questions is YES, then Customized Video is your ‘thing’. . Think of...

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How Video Can Be A Growth Booster For Start-ups

  |   App Marketing with Videos, Selling More With Videos, Video Animation, Viral Marketing   |   No comment

Are you a start-up looking for some major boost?   Lack of popularity has been bothering you?   Do you face difficulty in introducing your deliverables to your target audience?   If the answer to these questions is a YES, then my friend, you gotta consult our video ninjas right away!   No...

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Video In Email: A Power Packed Marketing Fusion

  |   Enhancing Business with Videos   |   No comment

Is your company doing Email marketing?   Are your email marketing efforts getting you the desired ‘Clicks’ and ‘Opens’?   Ever wondered where you are missing the mark?   Tried including a VIDEO in Email yet?   Yes, you read it right! It’s the bang-on technique organisations nowadays are putting their efforts upon!...

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