Professional Viral Videos for Advertising

‘viral’ video is one that quickly becomes popular in a very short span of time. There are many variables that can become the reason behind a viral video’s popularity but usually it’s because of the fun, shock or surprise elements involved. A good story, graphics, soundtrack, video visibility, uniqueness, and initial sharing can become other reasons for their immense and immediate popularity. The good news is that all these variables can be manipulated to create a video with all the right ingredients for going viral. Yes, even initial sharing can be facilitated with some advertising and social media marketing but ultimately, it’s the audience that decides what goes viral and what does not.

These points will surely help raise the chances of your explainer video going viral:

  • our video should be unique and original
  • Make it catch the immediate attention of viewers in the first 5-7 seconds
  • Use appropriate, relevant metadata- title, tags, and description
  • It should elicit emotions of awe, shock or humor
  • Market it aggressively ; apart from posting it on social networking sites, advertise the video to give it that initial push
  • And very importantly, execute your idea properly; let professional video producers handle it

Producing a great viral video is no rocket science; all you need is willingness, effort and the services of a professional video production company. And we are here to help you exactly with that. If you need an animated video that you want should go viral, simply contact us by filling in the form on this page. We recommend that you provide your phone number if you want us to get back to you faster!



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