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What Are Viral Videos?

A video that becomes insanely popular through Internet sharing; websites, email or social media, is called a ‘’Viral Video”. It is a video that quickly becomes famous in a very short span of time. Viral videos often contain humorous content and include televised comedy sketches. Businesses nowadays are on a hunt for the top viral video production companies to create a viral video advertising and marketing.

There are many factors that can become the reason behind a video’s popularity but usually it’s because of the humour, shock or surprise elements involved. A good story, graphics, soundtrack, video visibility, uniqueness, and initial sharing can become other reasons for their immense and instant popularity. The good part is that all these variables can be manipulated to create a video with all the right ingredients for making it go viral. Yes, even initial sharing can be facilitated with some advertising and social media marketing but ultimately, it’s the audience that decides what goes viral and what does not.

Though the virality of the video really depends upon the audience, but there are certain elements that raises the changes of a video going viral. Following are some key points that must be remembered while making a video:

  • The video should be unique and original; just as your business proposition.
  • Keep the branding content minimum.
  • The video should have the power to get hold the viewer’s attention in just 5 to 7 seconds of the video.
  • The quality and length of the video play a major role in determining the virality of the video.
  • Use appropriate, relevant metadata– title, tags, and description
  • It should awaken emotions of awe, shock or humor.
  • Market it aggressively ; apart from posting it on social networking sites, advertise the video to give it that initial push. Better your video marketing efforts, higher the chances of virality.
  • And very importantly, execute your idea properly; let professional video producers handle it. Hire a viral video maker for the task. A viral video production company would give your video a sure shot viral kick!


Benefits of Viral Video for your business

  • Viral videos are very much cost  effective.
  • It is the most awesome way of branding.
  • They are extremely shareable. It ensures your message reaches worldwide.
  • Their entertainment value is very high. They keep your audience engaged and entertained.

Producing a great viral video is no rocket science; all you need is willingness, effort and the services of a professional video production company. And we are here to help you exactly with that. If you need an animated video that you want should go viral, simply contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.



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