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Why do you need Animated Marketing Videos?

Have you boarded the train called ‘’Animated Marketing Videos’’ yet? If you are doing business, irrespective of small or big, it is high time to leave the old ways of marketing and advertising and jump onto the new voyage of marketing techniques. There are lots of success stories which are compelling enough for you to board this train at the earliest and put the major focus on online animated marketing videos or the advertising videos.


Visual content is more celebrated than ever with the social media users, but with many marketers now consummating this, the visual noise seems to be rising. Every day, consumers log into their various social media accounts and are pounded by images. To be distinct and highlighted, businesses have to be more deviceful than ever.


We’ll tell you one number that’ll urge you sit up and notice the power of video


1.8 Million Words

This is what a single minute video can express, Dr. James McQuivey, Forrester Research once stated.

Do you think you’ll be able to put time and efforts to actually write 1.8 million words? Believe it or not, it is equal to 3,600 regular web pages. To your utter surprise, this task might actually take your 150 days even if write one web page per hour! Yes this exactly is the power of a 60 second video!!


Still not convinced to get a product marketing video for your business?


Let’s tell you one more surprising figure then.


100 Million

That’s exactly the number of Internet users who watch online video each day. Admitted, a lot of those are seeing the latest viral video with a ditzy cat or may be a delightful kid, but a larger part of them are looking for advice about how to do something or how to make something work better. And numerous of them are looking to buy a service or product. Imagine what a single video can do for your product marketing plan and in case you are a small business then your advertising for small business can bring in unexpected ROI with bare minimum cost.


10 seconds

Yes you just have 10 seconds to catch the attention of the viewers. If your video doesn’t appear appealing enough in the first 10 seconds, 20% of the viewers shall click away from your video. Hence, it means that on an average you’ll end up losing 1/3rd of your viewers by the time your video plays for 30 seconds and as huge as 60% by the end of 2 minutes. Isn’t that alarming enough?


In combination, these figures essentially implies that the animated marketing videos for business are here to stay and it’ll be propitious to use the power of this magic wand as early as possible. Nowadays, various kinds of online marketing videos are made to meet the varied requirements of the companies.


We here at Broadcast2world, make videos for all those varied needs. Tell us your need and we’ll come up with the most suitable animated marketing videos for your product or service.


Here’s a list of the videos we make for our clients:

  • Explainer Videos
  • Commercial Videos
  • Viral Videos
  • Storytelling Videos
  • Corporate Presentation Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Landing Page Videos
  • Product/Service Overview
  • Web Videos
  • Short Videos
  • Social Media Videos


Videos don’t market themselves. You need to make sure that your ” marketing videos ” are also marketed well across all the web channels. This is a very crucial factor because it boosts up the efforts for achieving higher conversions for the business. Now how do you market your video well, or we can say how can your bring great results accruing to Video Marketing?


The video that’ll be created will obviously help in explaining your service/product to the users who visit your website, but imagine the opportunities if the same video reaches thousands of potential customers on popular video platforms, like YouTube. This is exactly what we plan to help you with, by offering Video SEO services.


Under our Video SEO services, we provide you with On-Site Video Optimisation, YouTube Video Promotion, Offsite Video Promotion and Reporting & Support in just $295 per video. Isn’t that a steal deal already? You may know more about our pricing here.


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