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Animated Sales Promo Video

You not only want that people should only browse you but also buy from you. A sales promo video is that secret trigger that forces your visitors to stop browsing and start buying. You might have spend a lot of money on your company’s website, but what if it is not able to get you the desired conversions? It could be because possibly your website doesn’t stand out, or may be it is not engaging enough. One other major reason could also be that your website is lacking the clarity about what you sale, how it is to be bought etc and the worst part could be that there is no real personality to showcase what your business is really about. A sales promo video plays an instrumental role in the offline world specifically industries like insurance where lot of mediators work and sometimes communication loses its value and brand value is lost as well. Recognizing this fact, a lot of companies in the sectors like insurance, healthcare are investing in videos which can be used by sales agents or salespeople to talk to their customers without communication losing the value. They often opt for an animated sales pitch, which is informative and entertaining at the same time!

People are busy, they don’t have much time to read about your product, it’s features. So in such circumstances, only an effective sales promo video can save you. It shall help you in grabbing the attention of the visitors, in building a connect with them and may be eventually compelling them to buy your product! In this era of digital marketing, a sales video can prove to be your ultimate marketing weapon.

You have a company, a website, your product or service and you want to maximize your conversions and sales, then an animated sales video can be your best friend for the journey. Animation has been a great way of storytelling and still continues to be a great source of entertainment for audiences worldwide. Your company could also make great use of this awesome art to its benefit. Animated sales videos are everywhere now. You have seen them on landing pages, you have seen them on YouTube and you have friends sharing them social media videos. People love watching these videos just because they are so visually appealing and because they tell a story like no other medium could do. The best part about animating a story rather than shooting it with real actors in real scenarios is that you could imagine whatever you want to and it could be literally shown on screen for much lower prices. You could make cars fly, horse’s lye, ships sink and even create a headless clown if you want! Animated sales videos give you an opportunity to tell your story and explain your product with the help of a suitable metaphor that would assist people to relate with your product. Animated sales promo video is sure to bear fruit if your company decides to make them a part of your sales campaigns.

Imagine this in such a way –

You have a website and you have a powerful sales video on it. This means you have your own little salesman who’s working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He welcomes every visitor coming to your website and he does multiple good. How?

  • It grabs the attention of the visitors.
  • It makes sure that your visitors are entertained.
  • It caters to their needs and provide them a solution.
  • Compels the visitors to click on your CTA button.

You are surely losing money, if you still don’t have a sales video live on your website.

At Broadcast2world, we make sure that each and every sales video we produce has that persuasive power to get you skyrocketing conversions and sales. As a video production house, who has made 2000+ videos till date we totally understand how to incorporate the psychological triggers that persuade your users to buy your product or service. The needs of the customers have changed, so has to your marketing techniques!

Before your competitors do so, get on board to create your powerful sales promo video!


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