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Animated Short Videos

Did you know that a part of Google’s algorithm for search rankings recognize the amount of time the visitors keep staying on your website? This is one of the primary reason why online video has become the man of the moment and is observing explosive growth. Animated Short videos have banged fame and popularity over the past two years due to their effectiveness in business growth and because they are quite affordable. These two features make animated short videos an outstanding marketing tool. Increasing your engagement levels, boosting your sales and increasing conversion rates are just 3 of the 14 reasons your business should have a short animated video.

Almost every respectable, tech-savvy company has a homepage video these days. And while it may be somewhat of a trend, it’s not without good reason. Adding a video to your landing page can produce big results. Like a 64% increase in conversions big. You may have  2D Animated Short Videos or  Whiteboard Animation Videos, short videos are bound to get you marvelous results. Nowadays, companies are also opting for Custom Videos, where they combine cartoon animation with live action. Sound interesting, right?

One of the latest way for Business promotion that has emerged in recent times is using short animated videos. If a video is still not a part of your marketing strategy, you are walking up a blind alley. Your marketing department can come up trumps with the right animated video. It’s the easiest way to gain user engagement. When selling your product or service, it’s really vital to make sure your customers understand what exactly it is that you are selling. And the best way to do that is via short video. Adding an animated video about your product is one of the best ways to boost your conversions and increase your online presence and visibility. People relate to videos like no other medium and this is why a video can help you to leave an impression on your target customers.

Try passing on your message to your potential customer base using a video and they’d be all ears. With short videos, you can convey information in a sorted and simple way so that everyone would get it. A video is your story which you want tell people. Remember those short comic story books of your childhood? Can you recall the impact they had on you? We know, you remember them all! How did it happen? You remember them because, they were short little stories that captured your attention like nothing else could. They had those animated characters which instilled emotions; gave the stories a personalised touch. A connection was build between you and the comic’s characters. This impact of storytelling is what a short animated video shall have on your audience.

A video will explain them about the product and how it works much easily than written content, bar graphs, pie charts or static images would do. Communicating your vision and thoughts through a video is the need of the hour today. If you don’t have a video on your landing page, you’d still be in two minds on how to go ahead and promote your business.

How much does animated short videos cost is the question you’ll encounter mostly while searching for animated videos on web. Though people make animated short videos online through various platforms that offer pre-made characters, voice over etc but they lack the quality essential for a video on your landing page. At Broadcast2world, we make animated short videos at a cost as less as $1995! We understand the wide range of budgets of different companies, so we decided to cater them all. Since every project is different in terms of complexity, duration etc, hence we take your project details and analyse its feasibility with our team of designers & consultants. We then schedule your free consultation with our video experts who recommend you best available solutions as per your requirements. We make videos according to your needs, a fresh character is made, suitable and attention catching voice-overs are arranged, practically we make every effort that the video becomes your asset and you are able derive beyond expectations ROI on it!

We provide a range of video format options to choose from. From marketing videos to animated explainer videos to educational and training videos. Click here to checkout our wide short animation video portfolio.

Animated Short videos should be used by young entrepreneurs, startup owners, established marketers and big brands to endorse and promote their new products or services. Videos definitely leave a mark on a viewer’s mind and it’s only through videos that you can attract the attention of your viewers to your product and let yourself be heard.

Don’t wait till you loose another client. Jump on the bandwagon and see your leads convert into loyal clients. All of this, with just a simple, to the point and entertaining animated video.


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