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Short Whiteboard Video Animation

Be it Flickr for IPhone or travel giant TripAdvisor, every company with app is opting for an amazingly designed app demo video for their app. Some companies like animated videos while others go for a combination of live shoot and animation. But an app demo video has become a part and parcel of the app industry.

Once you app is ready, you have to spread awareness about your amazing app. You’ll have to make sure that your target audience knows about your brilliant app. And to do so, you’ll need an app demo video. It helps you to convey to your potential user your app’s functions and features really fast.

Does creating an explainer video for mobile app helps, must be a question that would have been constantly striking your mind. Here we have few reasons to tell you it not only helps but is really crucial part of your app marketing strategy.

Why should you make a video for your mobile app?

  • It is the most engaging way to impart your message to your audience.
  • It is easily shareable. This way it reaches a wide range of audience in blink of eye.
  • A visual content is always appreciated by users because it’s entertaining and engaging.
  • A ‘Call to Action’ can be easily incorporated in a video.
  • A video does multiple good. You can use it for a product demo or may be for a sales pitch, it’s up to you.
  • Your app’s creativity, your company’s approach and style are well portrayed from a video.

As we all know this that Google Play store lets App publishers upload a promotional / explainer Video that gets appeared forthright on the App Page. App Videos can support you in attracting the right users entailing enhanced conversion, retention, ratings. In just 30 seconds of time, an app demo video can grab the attention of the viewers, compelling them to download the app and share it with friends.

We have created more than 500 videos for mobile apps and software. Our expert team provides you with a perfect blend of app walk-through and brand visibility. We make sure that all the psychological triggers are well incorporated in the video for people to click on the Call-to-action. Our primary objective while designing the video for your app is that when the viewers see your video, they should be able to connect with your app, your company and value your app delivers to them.


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