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B2C Brands Stand Out Using Cartoon Commercials. Here’s What B2B Can Learn From Them!

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Back in the 50s and 60s, cartoon or animation has always been used in commercials aimed at children. Kellogs led the pack with many of its cartoon commercials featuring cute characters, jingles, and child-friendly voiceovers.       The broader question remains, can animation marketing be used for a...

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How to Use Animated Explainer Videos in Corporate Communications for Recruitment, On-boarding, and Training of Employees?

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Corporate explainer videos are used by companies to communicate effectively with their employees and shareholders. They can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from recruitment to updating shareholders with the latest numbers and increasing the efficiency of employees.   These corporate explainer videos can make...

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5 animated healthcare commercials that are everything but salesy!

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The WHO World Health report in 2000 defined three fundamental objectives for health systems: improving the health of the population they serve, responding to people's expectations, and providing financial protection against the costs of ill-health.    Now, 19 years later, healthcare across the world has expanded, diversified...

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How An Animated Commercial Series Helped Electric Monkey Grab Market Attention!

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  Query: “I am looking for  a 15-30 seconder animated commercial for my energy drink company!”   Company Name: Electric Monkey   Business Profile: Electric Monkey (EM) is an energy drink brand, which came into being in the recent past. The company is on an upward trajectory to establish its...

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How the healthcare industry is using animated videos to forge human connections in a techy world!

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In February 2019, the world witnessed one of the largest Health-IT conferences out there. Like every year, this conference was organized by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. The conference-goers navigated their way through the exhibit hall, which was chock-full of salespeople armed with...

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