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Author: Apoorva Bansal


5 animated healthcare commercials that are everything but salesy!

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The WHO World Health report in 2000 defined three fundamental objectives for health systems: improving the health of the population they serve, responding to people's expectations, and providing financial protection against the costs of ill-health.    Now, 19 years later, healthcare across the world has expanded, diversified...

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healthcare videos

How the healthcare industry is using animated videos to forge human connections in a techy world!

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In February 2019, the world witnessed one of the largest Health-IT conferences out there. Like every year, this conference was organized by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. The conference-goers navigated their way through the exhibit hall, which was chock-full of salespeople armed with...

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turn articles into videos

Blogs to (Vlogs) Animated Educational Videos: The paradigm shift in content marketing to skyrocket traffic and conversions

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In a 1996 essay, Bill Gates predicted that content would one day be the king of the online world. And by most accounts, Gates’ prophecy has been fulfilled. The Microsoft juggernaut wrote: “One of the exciting things about the internet is that everyone with a...

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Are Ms. Video & Mr. Marketing in Harmony at Your Brand?

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Counselor - "Mr. and Mrs… Umm??" Respondents - "Ms. Video and Mr. Marketing!" Counselor- "Now the fact that you’ve sought marriage guidance means you want this relationship to work! So, try to be honest at all times. Remember this is a safe place and I am not...

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