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Halloween Gifts – A Photo Blog

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With Halloween round the corner, you must be thinking what to gift your friends and family this Halloween. So, to make the celebrations of this spookiest day of the year more interesting, we have created one of the most weirdest and wackiest gift guide!!


Take a walk!!


A Halloween Cake can never go wrong!

You can buy it from Diaso, Japan

Halloween Pastrie



How about bathing with a Spider Soap??

Simply wrap your custom spooky soaps up in cellophane, and ribbon and use as party favors or in a gift bag!

Found on, it’s DIY Halloween Craft

Spider Soap


Welcome your guests the spooky way!!

Half Round Pumpkin Doormat available on for $24.99.

Morgan Door Mat



This gift can surely scare the wits out of anyone’s mind

Demon head Dangle ($20 from Etsy)

Demon Head



Then their are some candies that extreme, gross and funny!

Buy them at




Some Skeleton Ice for your drink. Anyone?

Bonechillers Skull And Bone Ice Cube Tray from

Skeleton Ice Tray



Gifts for your lady love are here!

Blacklight Nail Polish and Reactive Lipsticks. Buy them on




Came across more spooky gifts? Mention them in the comments below!