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Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Whiteboard Explainer Videos

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Creating A Whiteboard Explainer Video

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We all love whiteboard explainer videos a.k.a “draw my story” videos.   They’re cute, educational and always fun to watch. It is a powerful tool to convert “potential” customers into “actual” customers. Further into “returning” customers, provided you have leveraged the full potential of your story.   Explainer Videos...

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Video storytelling surpasses any other form of effective communication

Here’s Why ‘Storytelling’ Surpasses Any Other Approach To Effective Communication

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Quick Fact - “Stories are about 22 times more memorable than fact alone” - says Jerome Seymour Bruner, a renowned American psychologist who made significant contributions to human cognitive psychology & cognitive learning theory.   Sounds like a conclusion at the beginning, right?   But it is not, because as a...

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Getting most out of explainer videos

5 Things To Do To Get Most Out Of Your Explainer Video Dollars

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The purpose of  Explainer Videos is for a company to communicate a clear and consistent message to prospective customers – a message that will ultimately result in those prospects taking action and eventually becoming customers.  Merely making a video and placing it on a website...

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