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Broadcast2world An Established Name In The World Of Videos Made With Kinetic Typography

  |   Enhancing Business with Videos   |   2 Comments

An online animated video production company, Broadcast2world has today made even, the hitherto not movable, texts move. This has been made possible with the use of kinetic typography, an animation technique to deliver the texts in audio-visual format. Texts have long been known and imagined...

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Yahoo Plan To Reposition Itself With The Appointment Of Its New Ceo Marissa Mayer

  |   Enhancing Business with Videos   |   No comment

We, at Broadcast2world, congratulate Marissa Mayer, who was hitherto a VP of local and location-based products at Google, for being appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer at Yahoo. The move has received a mix response from industry experts, some expressing their concern, while others viewing...

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