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The Happiness Planner – Brand Story Video

About This Project

The Client

The Happiness Planner is a focused stationery brand that inspires people to cultivate happiness and foster personal growth. It incorporates the practices of positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development. The company itself is based in California, but the products are available all around the world through the online store. The owner, “ Mo Seetubtim ” is the main face of the brand. She is young, energetic, mature and utilizing all of those traits, helping you to create happiness in life.


Objective and Messaging

The primary objective was to develop a lifestyle or brand video and encourage users to incorporate the planner into their lives and spread the message. The client wanted to bring out the story of her life and show the inspiration behind the products and elucidate how it helps and why it’s required for a more fulfilling life.


Our Approach & Learning

Initially, we approached the project with a typical advertorial approach lens of selling the product and brand. We soon realized that hard selling the product itself won’t sound honest and can’t be a big idea. It was not about selling the product but instead create a brand story and generate affinity.


To develop that, one has to move beyond a transactional conversation and talk the language which resonates with the generic aspirations of the audience.


We did multiple chat sessions with the client herself, trying to find some spark or pointers to create the brand story. Internally we would collect stories from team members. General chats about what makes or made them happy. Most of the time it ended up being a nostalgic reminiscence which brought a smile to their faces. We knew we had a fertile route to explore. We were soon convinced that we are not selling any product but rather spreading happiness. That’s the honest approach that will resonate well.


In terms of the treatment, we wanted the film to look very niche, minimalistic and carrying a very classical sense of aesthetics. A color palette and animation treatment which has imbibed the values of nostalgia with simplicity.



Selling a concept which is so ethereal is always a tough ask. By definition, there is nothing substantially new to say which people don’t know already. It lies in the way you look at things. This can be practiced influenced and shaped. It’s not a gift; it’s a reward for those who know how to extract positivity out of anything. We realized that what we have to offer is a mere tool which can help you achieve it.


The primary challenge was hence to come up with a brand story which evokes, inspires and makes you feel good. The brand becomes incidental, probably leaving behind only a suggestion of how an idea was born.



We took inspiration from Mo’s growing up years and came up with a brand story with no lines. The film is a walk down through the memory lanes of happiness. It was the story of a little girl who understood the benefits of positive thinking, gratitude, and self-development with a bit of help from a friend (her father).

Through the story, the brand places itself very subtly into the subconscious. It generated hits and queries on the website. The product was there on the site to seal the deal. But most importantly it created a sense of empathy and happiness.

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