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Winsupply – Cartoon Commercial

About This Project

The Client:

One of the biggest franchises of hardware solutions, Winsupply is venturing into the online age of transaction and business. Bridging the gap between consumer, contractors and the proprietor on a real-time basis.


Objective and Messaging:

The primary objective was to break the traditional perception of ‘touch n feel’ in this line of business. It was aimed at convincing the franchise owners to understand and accept the benefit of the digital platform and how it can boost up the business. As a secondary objective was to communicate this new facility and its benefits to the consumers as well.


Our Approach & Learning:

The approach was to put a convincing argument to the store presidents by presenting the story from the point of view of his main customer, ‘The Contractor’. An impact in the life of his biggest customer is a reason which can convince the owner to initiate a change. Thus Buddy was born. The Super Contractor, a possible face of the brand, a loyal customer, and benefactor of Winsupply. The messaging, of course, had to be light-hearted and effective. Thus Hyperbolic situations are a prime medium which helps to establish a problem and solution in a short time frame.



The most challenging aspect of the project was to craft a script for this cartoon commercial which would talk to both the Contractors and Owners. Both these character’s lives are interwoven when the need for quick supply arrives. They play the role of 2 sides of a single coin, in this case, the story. We struck the balance by showing the same incident from 2 different vantage points in 2 separate films.



The main proposition of the film was communicated in a playful comical manner. Overall it was a fast-paced and effective cartoon commercial short enough to not lose attention and snappy enough to remember.

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