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The MulTie Corporation

About This Project

Client Says

“I would highly recommend B2W. My product is new, innovative and a bit difficult to explain. They have done an incredible job at understanding and visualizing our product. Our budget was limited, and we still got a great animated commercial video! For the money spent, I doubt any other company would give us a video of this quality.”


Wearing the same tie to work every day gets boring. But having more than 5 ties in your closet makes it “Knotted”. MulTie Solves this problem by providing an innovative touch to this fashion accessory.

But like all the new innovations, MulTie also felt the need of effective communication in order to reach out to the potential buyers. This need was very effectively met by our offering of an animated commercial video, which not only made them a prominent accessory brand in the Fashion industry but also helped their brand stand out.

The Customer

The MulTie Corporation offer the world’s first modular necktie with interchangeable knots. It gives the users an option to wear a different set of two halves of a tie according to their own choice and fashion sense.  

To put it in perspective now one could have a MulTie with the detachable knot which can be interchanged with a different face half or the knot half making it a new tie altogether.

MulTie believes that more options give you more style.

The MulTie could be used by any person who wears a tie around their neck and wants to look different yet stylish every day.

The Challenge

A new product or innovation always needs a proper communication regarding its working and use in order to make it a success. With MulTie, explaining how interchangeable Knots and Tie faces could give you more style options and be more efficient was a challenge. The objective MulTie was seeking to achieve via an animated commercial video was a great demonstration of the product, it’s working and the benefits of possessing a tie like this in a fun and engaging way.

The Solution

A video was conceptualized explaining how wearing a necktie has emerged over the years and how MulTie gives you more options without occupying most of your closet. The 80 sec animated commercial video was made in a way that it totally demonstrates all the properties of the product. The usage and benefits of having a MulTie were given priority in the video.

The Fact how 10 Multies give you 100 different combinations or how owning 20 Multies would give a different tie every day for 400 days was presented in a graphical manner to make the maximum impact.

Flat product animation was used in the video to emphasize the working and properties of the MulTie . Attention was paid to popularize the 2 piece design which not only lets you have multiple combinations but also saves the day if one of the parts was damaged by replacing it multiple options already present.

Finally giving away the manufacturer builds the trust factor for the product as Brooks brothers are known for the best quality silk all over the world. All this information presented in an engaging way surely made MulTie Corporation a flashy new brand in the fashion industry.

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