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BlueGreen Water Tech – Product Video

About This Project

The Client

Blue Green Water Technologies is a privately-held company based in Israel, dedicated to developing novel solutions to combat water-related problems.


Objective and Messaging

The client wanted to elucidate that the industry needs to look beyond traditional Algaecide solutions which are ineffective as they sink into the water causing the reoccurrence of Cyanobacterial Bloom. The aim was to showcase that the innovation required was in the delivery mechanism and that’s what BlueGreen Water Technologies has created. This message that the rules of engagement were changed had to succinctly expressed in the product video and to the intended target audience.


Cognizance of the Target Audience

To help the client, deliver the message in a convincing way, making it easier for them to reach new audiences, such as distributors, stakeholders and decision makers who directly handle “sick” water-bodies, such as executive branches (national and municipal) as well as their constituents.



There were multiple challenges with this product video. First that the script was technical and had to be watered down without losing the meaning and information to deliver the message to its audience. The script was approached taking cognizance of the de facto methods and explain why it is wrong, ineffective and expensive and then go on to show how the BlueGreen’s Lake Guard is effective.


The second challenge was the visual presentation, it would have been impossible to visually communicate using the client’s first choice of using Whiteboard animation. We wanted a novel approach using Iconography and Typography and use elements of classical animation to show an effect of water across the screen, but we reduced the number of frames to create the effect. Hence disallowing any visual sense of rigidity. This unique style is aimed to create an effective sensation to the otherwise cognitive approach to the product video, to boost the recall value to the brand. This is further amplified using textures brush of blues and green across different hues.



The information about the company and the other technical aspects related to it can be extracted by the client. However, the presentation of that information in the most creative/innovative way possible is the team’s perspective. Which in this case was truly exceptional. Since by using textures and patterns that matched the client’s ideas and the team’s script gave the product video a different look altogether.



This was one of the flagship projects for B2W. As for the clients, we helped them break the box in comparison to their peers & competitors.


Team Description

Producer: Himanshu

Concept Lead: Gunjan

Graphic Designer: Gurjeet

Animator: Bijit

Client Name


Type of Video



Infographic, Portfolio, Renewables & Environment, Show On Home