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Ted – Nonprofit Video

About This Project

About The Company:

Ted, our client, wanted to make educational nonprofit video series about the US economy, climate change, and other issues that affect the citizens of the US.


Objective Of The Nonprofit Video:

To educate the citizens of the US about issues pertaining to the world and their country in specific which are causing a hindrance to their growth and well being. Despite it being a serious subject, he did not want to sound preachy. He wanted the viewers to take away a friendly message from the video.



The data he wanted to show consisted of graphs, real images and time-lapse and that too within limited time span without sounding preachy. Which basically meant that we had to device a video strategy which could encapsulate all of this and still engage the prospective viewers.


Approach Taken:

  • Visual: We decided to experiment with the mixed media approach, gradually transitioning from dull to bright colors. We created New York city feel with billboards all over the buildings that worked as perfect placeholders for all the images and time-lapse that the client wanted to show. The visuals went from a dull smoky look to a cleaner, greener look. This basically gave the impression of the environment going from polluted to clean air.


  • Audio: We realized that just good visuals would not do justice to a nonprofit video that was giving out such important messages. We needed something that would really get into people’s minds and what better way to do it than a song? So, we came up with a song that not only conveyed the message but also made the video much more engaging and at the same time, preached without sounding preachy.


In, conclusion, his information in form of graphs and images did not look out of place and we also maintained the ‘happy feel’ of this nonprofit video.


Team Description:

Producer: Adil Khan
Creative Lead: Anish Biswas
Concept Lead + Scriptwriter: Akriti Sinha
Art Lead: Singbiaklian Guite, Lok Bahadur
Animation Lead: Bijit Keot, Prabhat Midha

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