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How A Short-Form Video Helped Electric Monkey Grab Market Attention?

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Query: I am looking for an animated 15-30 second tv commercial for my energy drink company!


Company Name: Electric Monkey


Business Profile: Electric Monkey is an energy drink brand which recently came into being and aspires to compete in the industry dominated by brands like Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar.  


Defined Brief: EM was looking for its first TV commercial (short-form video content) that helps people remember the brand, EM. The commercial should be quick, fun, quirky and something that sticks in the minds of the viewer. As their first real video – there was some apprehension on what approach to undertake and the overall experience of the video.


Challenges: Unlike most video inquiries we get, where the objective is to impart education about the product/service, Electric Monkey was different. They wanted to create a stir among its target audience through a short-form video commercial that will bring the brand to the viewers “awareness” stage in the decision making process through a funny and light commercial. The major challenge here was to depict a situation where a person is using the drink to energize himself, while also giving the EM ample screen space, all of it in less than 30 seconds.


Curating a short-form video that accomplishes all those goals was not easy but we had a fun time devising an approach to it.


Suggested Animation Style: Motion Flick


Approach: Taking cognizance of the industry EM competes in, and the kind of ads rolled out by its competitors, we knew that we had to curate a video that is different, likable, sharable and most of all makes people laugh and remember the EM brand. We decided to use an animation style with line drawings and a sullen background to enhance the characters, actions etc to put more emphasis on what is happening on the screen rather than in the background. This way, we had the audience’s eyes, just where we wanted them to focus. Since the video had just 15-30 second to accomplish all the objectives the client came to us with, we devised an approach that will pay heed to all his goals.


What worked (optional): After a couple of back and forths with EM, we curated a 15-second video that was quick, crisp, quirky and true to what EM drink is all about. We managed to show a popular use-case for the drink too.



What didn’t (optional): Initially we wanted to show a situation where there is more than one protagonist in the short video but we decided this will have less of an impact. The client concurred. Here it is anyways:



Result: We recently made this video so we don’t have the final numbers and measurement metrics from the client yet. But the initial feedback is good and the client even asked us to design graphics for all of EM’s merchandising activities. He also booked us for 4 more short-form videos in the same style!