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Are Stop-Motion Animation Videos still Trending?

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What is Stop-Motion Animation?

A technique in which animation is captured in one frame at a time, with physical objects moving between frames is stop-motion animation. When the sequence of images is played back rapidly, it creates an illusion of movement.

Are Stop-Motion Animation Videos still in Trend ?

This has become a repetitive question from our clients all over the world, and my answer has always been “YES”. You must be thinking, being a stop-motion animation company, why would I answer in negative?
Our team was recently invited to present a demo and work samples to a prospect. When I was showing stop-motion samples, he asked me as I quote – “Do people still use this type of animation ?”. I was quite surprised by his question as I was confronted with the same for the very first time. And when I couldn’t find a viable answer, Google was my go-to destination for the same.


Let us take a look what Google has to say :



Going by the regional interest, here is the data :


stop motion animation videos


Google Trends clearly depict that people have never stopped looking for stop-motion animation. If the interest has not gone up, it has never gone down too.


Now let us look what keyword planner says :


stop motion animation videos trend


The keyword planner data is quite encouraging and had me satisfied with my answer to the prospect.  It clearly shows a spike in search volume for stop-motion animation worldwide since last one year.


But the question that still remains unanswered is, “Will the trend continue?”. In my opinion, it’s a ‘YES’. But I am no astrologer and only time will answer this question.


So, if you are planning to go for an animated video for marketing, stop-motion animation would definitely be a step in the right direction. Also, if  anyone asks you this question in near future, redirect them to our blog.




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