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Why Is Brand Storytelling Important For Your Business?

Stories…they come with emotions; laughter, joy, sadness, nostalgia, and everything!

And the Google India campaign by the Google Search Engine placed all these emotions so well, that you tend to stick around that commercial. Google has appropriately inculcated the ‘’un-thinging’’ requirement of the commercials. With that commercial Google proved that you ought to add a personalised touch to your ads so that people watching it can associate with the your idea. All you have to do is to actually listen to your customers, and as Google did, you can as well leverage on your customer’s stories to push your company’s creativity.

Business and brand storytelling don’t often go well in the same sentence. But in recent times, a lot of top organizations have turned to storytelling to tap into and captivate their listeners. The irresistible power of brand storytelling is taking over the world and no businesses remains untouched! In this era where our lives are governed by technology and social media, an engaging story, well told, can make your company shine like the north star of the internet world.

We all know that people all over the world hate advertisements. Admit it, because they made technological changes to avoid them. It’s a post-advertising age, and you need give a strong reason to viewers to keep patience and watch your commercial. How would you do that?

You’ll tell them a story!

Everyone loves a good story, and they remember what made them laugh, the captivating moments of excitement, the joy of discovering something new..!! So, when a story is told with all these emotions, people will remember that story, your story, and in doing so, they will remember your big idea.

Why is brand storytelling so important?

Storytelling combines an emotion with an idea. It gives shape and meaning to an information which is otherwise boring and unlively.

  • People don’t buy products, they buy stories; the idea the associated with the product.
  • The emotional element in the stories help in changing perspectives of the viewers in the favor of the company.
  • Stories persuade people and affect their buying decisions.
  • They entertain and educate at the same time.

Storytelling is everywhere, it’s in the vogue and shall remain there for a long time to come. It’s high time your business leverages on the magical power of storytelling!!


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