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Whiteboard Videos

Branding with Custom Whiteboard Animations Videos

Business houses all around the world have found a new way to attract their targeted customers towards their product/service. We are talking about explainer videos, and the explainer video technique that is winning most of the hearts is Whiteboard Animations.

What is a whiteboard video?

Whiteboard videos are, amiably, the most oftenly used form of explainer video and for great reason! Usually coupled with composite technology, business or academic ideas, custom whiteboard videos characterize the hand drawing images in black or other colored marker on a white background or something that resembles a whiteboard. Whiteboard videos are a fascinating strategy to send forth perplexing ideas in a visceral way.

It happens way too often that our eyes meet simple cartoon scribbling or doodles while turning the pages of the daily newspaper and this is what establishes the roots of whiteboard marketing video. Add technological innovation and a voice over instead of the speech boxes and you get an animated whiteboard video.

How is Whiteboard Video useful?

In the last couple of years, Whiteboard animations has emerged as one of the best ways to bring across the desired message to target audiences and it’s for sure that whiteboard marketing videos are here to stay for long. Whiteboard stop motion videos have taken the sales world by storm by simplistic and thoughtful messages. These videos are fun to watch and they are done quite professionally.

Many business houses are constantly working towards getting their brand recognized and acknowledged and whiteboard animation has helped them in achieving the same. A large number of animated marketing video companies are making the most of this technique and providing very good and crisp videos to their clients using whiteboard animation. These videos have been proven to be most helpful during conferences, promotional events, seminars and media events and the voiceover with a great script and background voice make them even better and much more noticeable.

The best thing about the animated whiteboard videos is the ease with which they can be created. It’s a lot simpler to create whiteboard videos than any other style of animation, say stop motion or character animations for example. In whiteboard animations, the only part that requires your concentration is communicating the message effectively at the right moment and once this is taken care of, you have a great one minute video explaining about your brand and the product you are endorsing.

Psychology Check: Whiteboard Videos increase learning by 15%

Dr Richard Wiseman, a scientific-award-winning professor of psychology, revealed why whiteboard videos outperform ordinary videos in problem solving, memory tests, engagement and shareability and in the overall impact.

In the year 2012, Dr Richard shot a video of him talking and then created a scribed version of the same. He used exactly the same audio. Post this he tested the viewer’s memory once they watched either of the videos. The objective of Dr Richard was to test which version of the video helped the viewers learn better.

He was astonished by the results he observed.

Overall, there was a 15% rise in recollection across the memory questions was observed for the viewers who watched the scribe video, the whiteboard video. This is the impact a custom whiteboard animations video can have on the memory of your video viewers. Now that is awestrucking!!

Why Custom Whiteboard animations video works?

Dr Richard also stated the reasons for why this rise in recalling power was observed.

  • Whiteboard animation video gain and hold the attention of it’s viewers.
  • People grasp and learn something better when it is great fun.
  • It has an associated surprise element, people wait to know what the hand is drawing on the whiteboard. It stimulates something that can be called viewers anticipation.

Industries that can reap benefits of Custom Whiteboard Animations Videos

Though there is no specific categorization, but as a video production house we have specifically seen some industries having more benefits from Whiteboard Animations Videos.

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Education and e-Learning
  • Software

Broadcast2world has been constantly helping the clients discover advanced and cutting-edge ways to fully take advantage of the skillfulness of whiteboard video to suit their needs. If you want to make a difference to your company and brand, contact us right away – we’ll take care of the rest!


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