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Kickstarter video production

Kickstarter Video Production

Besides your product, a Kickstarter video is the most important element of your campaign.  A film makes pages and pages of verbosity into a short effective story. The video plays a crucial role in helping you to convince potential investors about the effectiveness of your business idea. Video is a visual medium and helps you to build a strong connection with your investors. 

Choosing a professional studio to make a video is always the best option. A professional studio would be able to create a lot of value by executing the video in the right way. If you create a high quality and visually appealing video, it would make a great first impression and improve your chances of getting funded for your project. 

Remember, your video would play a key role in ensuring that your Kickstarter campaign is a success. 


Typical Kickstarter videos are of two types, emotional and data driven. Emotional videos work great for campaigns as they tell a story, leaving the audience wanting for more. Telling your brand story will help you to get your audience to engage with your big idea and understand more about it. Similarly, a video that is data driven, will help you to convince your audience about the effectiveness of your idea.

Creating an incredibly personable experience helps build trust among your audience. 

Brevity is the best policy:

When it comes to storytelling, keeping it short is the best way to go! You have a lot to tell, but if you can structure your video, you can keep it to a maximum of three minutes. You need to understand that people have a very low attention span and you will lose almost 75% of your audience around the 90-second mark. Keep your video short and snappy and you will definitely get better results. 

The best videos have the following recipe:

Introduction, Problem Statement, Solution, Team and finally what your product is about and Call to Action. Do make sure that your video brings out the key value proposition and scalability of your business idea. 

Every video has to have an attractive call to action. It should to be able to lure potential investors to take the desired action. 

Inspire and don’t beg

Your video should be able to inspire and fascinate your target audience. It should be able to showcase your business idea in an engaging way. The short duration of time that your video plays, is crucial to convince the investors about your vision. 

The Music

Music inspires and it is the glue that holds audience’s attention. Your background music shouldn’t dominate your video, but should add to its entertainment value. Choose your music according to the mood of your video and how you want your audience to feel, after watching it. 

Your Kickstarter video should be filled with drama and emotions. It should at the same time be able communicate the value of your business through data and customer insights. 

It should be a short crisp story of what you plan to do and how you plan to grow. If you create your Kickstarter video using the right strategy and with the help of a professional agency, it will surely be a success.



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