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Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos

In this era where we are surrounding by technology and internet rules our lives, social media is the heart of the internet world. And when we talk of the internet we cannot fail to mention the value that viral videos have for companies. A social media video has all the content that is high on entertainment value. As a business, your social media video should entertain your customers as well as raise the engagement levels. Companies go for web video series for customer engagement. This makes people eagerly wait for your videos. An overall buzz is created around your idea!

The common trends in all these videos were the duration and content. They were all short and gave a gist of all the information that the company needed to impart. These short videos are put out by companies to leave an imprint on the world. Something that viewers carry forward. They talk about it over coffee, they forward it to their loved ones, and they just can’t ignore it. These videos, on being forwarded over and over again, provide the company with a standing like no other. People know the company better and tend to feel for it the way the video made them feel. This basically means that the sole power to move the world under the company’s name lies with the company itself.

In the modern mobile generation, time is a constraint that people are not willing to compromise with. They need as much information as quickly as possible. Thus, being short, these videos can easily fit into the busy regime of the target audience, allowing them to view it anytime, anywhere. On the internet, your viewers are not bound by geometrical boundaries, age or gender. Thus, Social media video production is engaging a vast audience which would be practically impossible by mere advertising.

Benefits of a Social Media Video

  • It provides your company the much needed brand recognition.
  • You tend create a community where people appreciate and share your content.
  • It gives your products/services a repeated exposure.
  • Your website tends to get the major web traffic from social media.
  • It influences the buying decisions of the people.
  • It gives your company a competitive advantage as your rivals might not be taking social media seriously.

Regardless of the business being small or big, online or offline; a social media video always helps. A business may create small teasers or short explainer videos to be placed on platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Even Twitter is now supporting short videos. Facebook and YouTube are also offering opportunities for video advertisements. Imagine the reach your video may have. More recently, interactive videos have become a new favorite on these websites. They allow users to add interactive annotations to their videos.The opportunities are unlimited, you just have to jump in and enjoy success.

Broadcast2World helps you make the impact that takes the internet world by storm! Our dedicated team works night and day to bring out the soul of your company into the video and feel for it the way you do. With a short 10-15 seconds video, the people will know more about your company than ever before. Let’s join our efforts and make something that moves the internet!


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