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Software Product Videos

The technological boom has paved way for many startups that deal with software’s, apps and websites. As competition toughens what keeps some companies at the top of the table? A good product/service is a must but along with that a brilliant overview also helps the conversion rate. As stated by Philip Kaplan, the illusion of a professional looking website is easily burst by an amature how-to video. Technology can be difficult to explain to a layman who has little or no technical knowledge, but by means of animated videos understanding complex functionalities of a product becomes easier. Animated videos can be used as a step by step guide for a process that has intricate functions which cannot be filmed. A story can be weaved around a product that helps people visualize it better and also realize its value in their lives. We can go beyond what we see and into what lies beyond the screens. These videos explain your product and its vision well enough to make potential customers relate to your work, they will know where you stand and where you wish to be.

Conscice and captivating videos also help in increased press coverage. Everyday when reporters receive hundreds of pitches from companies vying for coverage, they have limited time and patience when they are going through them. Their attention span on each pitch is limited to a few seconds and if in that time your work does not interest them, they move on to the next one. Companies also incorporate videos in their marketing strategies where they either sell the product directly or try selling an idea that revolves around the product and its use. At B2W, we aspire to bring you the video that matches your requirements perfectly. We have a wide range of video styles for you to choose from and we stay connected to you at every step of the process. Our videos to help you work better!


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