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How To Make a Video Go Viral?

A video that becomes insanely popular through Internet sharing; websites, email or social media, is called a ‘’Viral Video”.  A video that people would love to share to their friends and family. And for the video to be that shareable enough, it should generate interest as well as entertain the viewer; that’s why it is called shareable video content!

A highly shareable video content can lead your business growth to unimaginable heights, lead people back to your site and increase conversions. From generating the best ROI to wide reach of message, from generating boatload of leads to keeping the audience engaged; a viral video renders it all!

Having spent so many years in visual storytelling, we are now in a position to tell what works and what doesn’t work in the video content. For the comfort of understanding, and with the help of the Content Marketer of the Year, Mr Aashish Chopra we have defined 5 Buckets for shareable video content, pursuing which, any brand can create viral videos and generate expected ROI !

1. Inspirational – A content that can boost enthusiasm in people to do something or create something. A Love Story, Chipotle Mexican Grill  is one of the finest example of creating inspirational content which shows that a simple change in one’s perspective can make all the difference.

2. Useful or Educational – This bucket has the content that talks about tips and tricks which contribute into the lives of the target audience in some way or the other. Go for hacks, ‘How-to-do’ content, anything that is competent in the particular area your product is serving. This Coolest Travel Hacks video showing tricks for a smart traveler has 823, 077 views on YouTube till date and became an instant hit just after its release.

3. Topical – This has to be a newsworthy content. If a content is able to tap on the current interest or relevance, then it’s topical in nature. Brands need to do subtle branding by maintaining their DNA throughout the content and not apparently looking salesy. Your content should always support, complement or play-off the heels of a newsworthy story. See The Simpsons, Trumptastic Voyage and Stop the Show  to understand what we mean.

4. Celebrate the viewer’s life – Your viewers are the one’s you’re making products and services for. Don’t you think they should feel associated to your brand? How would that happen? It’ll happen when you’ll celebrate their life, try to acknowledge the things that actually happen in their lives; their real life scenarios so that they can easily relate to your video.For example, watch this beautiful Emily’s Oz – Xfinity which celebrates the imagination of a 7 year old blind girl.

5. Change the world –  Any idea that is unconventional, that has not been tapped to make a difference to the world. A content that leaves a lasting impression in your viewer’s memory lane. The Man and Dog commercial by Coca Cola and The Scarecrow by Chipotle Mexican Grill are beautiful examples of the content that has power to bring about a positive change in the world!


Ready to create a viral video? Here’s “What-to-do”

  1. Make powerful content. This is first and foremost requirement. Nothing else is going to work if the content is not powerful enough and share worthy.
  2. Keep the core DNA of your brand intact. For a tour & travel company ‘Travel’ may be the core DNA and for a video production company ‘Visual Storytelling’ may be the core DNA. You need to identify the core DNA of your brand and keep it intact throughout your content.
  3. Write a viral title. You can make big claims, use numbers, etc to make viral title. For example, ‘This Video Is So Funny It Will Make You Spit Milk Out of Your Nose’
  4. Keep the branding to the minimum. No-one is interested in your brand unless you solve a problem or provide some value through your content.
  5. Choose a sweet and short video duration. 15-30 second videos are becoming insanely popular on social media these days. Though it’s advisable to keep the video as crisp as possible but the duration can be long based on the type of content for eg. educational videos.
  6. There are just 10 seconds to grab the attention of viewers and you lose one third of viewers within first 30 seconds. The key is to generate interest from the very first shot of the video.
  7. Give an initial push by asking your network to share the video. 100 shares in first 10 minutes of launching the video is a good starting point.
  8. When uploading the video on YouTube, use appropriate, relevant metadata– tags, and description. YouTube generally suggests you the best tags you may use, and as far as the description is concerned, don’t forget to put relevant industry-specific keywords as you can.
  9. Your viral video marketing plan should definitely include sharing the video on all social media channels.
  10. Reach out to your industry or topic specific bloggers and news sites for them to pick up your video.
  11. Have a Call To Action in place. It’s very important to guide the viewers for what action you want them to take after watching the video. ‘Learn More’ type of CTA can be used if next step is to provide them more information about your product/service while ‘Book Free Consultation’ will be suitable if you want them to book a demo.
  12. Opt for right screen for your video based on habits of your target audience. If your audience is mostly mobile users it is advisable to make a vertical video.
  13. Always use the native version videos. For instance, never share a YouTube video link as a Facebook post.
  14. Don’t spend money on promoting the video, rather spend on acquiring a fan base on your social properties like Facebook page. Let the video organically reach out to masses.

Producing a great viral video is not easy; if it would have been, every brand would have created one for themselves. None of the above mentioned strategies would work if the content is not strong. Only the powerful content can get someone to share your video. So it’s important to ask yourself one simple question while making the shareable video content ‘is it powerful enough for me to share further?’.

So now that you have created the video and promoted it across all social channels, the next task is to measure the results. Choosing the right success metric plays a crucial role for analyzing the virality of the content. Success of a viral video can be measured by 2 important metrics Shares and Reach. With the competition being increased if a video gets a million hits then only it’s an actual hit nowadays. But, the generic benchmark numbers to calculate the success are different in B2B and B2C industry. Where a video needs to nail the mark of 1 million views in a B2C domain to be called viral, in B2B domain achieving views around 100,000 is counted as big success!

You need willingness, efforts, experience and many trials of ‘what works and what doesn’t’ to produce a great shareable video content. Or a simple way could be taking the services of a professional viral video maker. To break the clutter, your content and execution should stand out. Better your content and resources, better are the chances of your video going viral!


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