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Small Business Videos

Small Business Videos

So yours is a small business, and you are looking for some amazing tool or campaign that can tell people about you and your offerings. A video can help you gain the much needed visibility, high traffic to your website and some high quality qualified leads, yes all that is possible by a single short video! The video can be an animated one or you may also opt for a custom video, choice is yours; but the benefits are guaranteed.

It’s a fact that a consumer is 7 times more likely to buy a product or service if they see a video that explains that particular product or service. Online videos impacts consumer’s purchase decisions and drives brand engagement for small businesses.

The video not necessarily be a viral video but a simple video ad that is creative and capable of imparting your message to your consumers would also work wonders for you. We understand that you judiciously need to decide on your budget allocations towards marketing and advertising. We know that, being a small business how you are constraint about budgets and sometimes video is given last priority. But this is exactly why going for video is a wise decision. It’s a small amount of investment, if done rightly can get you the maximum ROI. Video can be your salesman, your best tool for carrying out guerrilla marketing strategy. But one thing you must remember is to be clear with your objectives you want to achieve through a video; be it lead generation, traffic or education.

There has been a major drift in the advertising options available for businesses. Businesses that have adapted in this changing ways of promotional strategies have seen the incredible results. Make the most use of the digital marketing strategies with promotions through an awesome video.

A video can do you multiple good like:

  • It shall give your brand a visibility it deserves.
  • It is a cost effective solution.
  • It helps in educating and entertaining your audience.
  • It helps to drive huge amount of traffic to the website.
  • A video can help you generate high quality leads.
  • You can use a single video as a sales pitch video, or as a product-demo video, use it as you may like.


At Broadcast2world, you can be assured of a creative and out-of-the-box video making for your business – its products and services. We have an expertise in making tailor-made videos for product-demos, teasers/commercials, mobile app videos and walk-through videos.


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