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We understand that a start-up budget is quite tight and they have to allocate the funds very judiciously. But that doesn’t mean the start-up should not carry out marketing campaigns. The idea is that the campaign should be more targeted and effective enough to create the buzz that is required to push start. A video is at least 10 times less in cost and does the same work as a huge- budgeted marketing campaign.


We believe that every start-up has a unique idea. Therefore, if your idea is unique so should be its promotion strategy. A video provides the opportunity to showcase that uniqueness in the best possible manner. It’s proven that a video retains in a person’s memory more than anything else. An awesome VIDEO is your STORY, that tells the world “WHAT” makes your IDEA different, “HOW” is it different & that CONNECTS with your audience. We are there to create that uniquely awesome video for your extraordinary business idea. Our team here at Broadcast2world puts it’s all imaginable and unimaginable ideas to work and bets that the outcome shall be stupendously wicked!

And yes, let us not forget to mention that a single video can do multiple good for you. Wondering how? Put it on your website to make it more attractive, or use it for a sales pitch. Make a mark with it on your concerned social media platforms. The impact shall be gigantic and the prospects shall be flowing in for you.


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