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23 Best Explainer Videos You May Not Have Seen

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Good explainer videos are an immortal ambassador for your product and this blog is a compilation of the best of them.


Explainer videos have built up popularity during the last few years and rightfully so. This occurred mainly due to the fact that new and unimaginable products came into play, which needed more than words to be expressed powerfully.


Thus, explainer videos became the go-to tool for explaining complex business ideas within minutes. This ‘teaching’ quality of explainer videos makes them versatile and all businesses, from MNCs to startups, have begun using this tool to communicate with their prospects.


Learn from the best explainer videos:


If you are in the middle of your explainer video project or if you are planning one soon, you are in luck. The B2W team has put together a list of 23 best explainer videos, for you to learn from and draw some inspiration.


These explainer videos come from across sectors – SaaS companies, FMCG and Entertainment. In the case of ingenuity and creativity, these explainer videos went the extra mile, and then some.
So, without any further ado here are The 23 Best Explainer Videos Examples.


Dropbox | What is Dropbox?


This is a simple animated explainer video which explains the file hosting service, Dropbox. What makes it so great? Simple, it does what it was made to do, i.e., explain the product. A generic brand might use big words and confusing jargons to explain their product but not Dropbox. This video soared high in simplicity and at the end, the viewer has all the information on what he’ll get without knowing the complex working of the product, which makes the video great.


Pinterest | What is Pinterest?


This explainer video is visually beautiful and features a soothing track but what makes it so good is the explanation of the product without the use of voice.


Airbnb | What Is Airbnb? (Best StartUp Video)


This Airbnb video is a great example of a simple script, amazing scenery and a beautiful explorer explaining everything you’ll need to know about the Airbnb.




What makes this explainer so great? The featuring of musical trailblazers you know and love? Maybe. But the best thing this video shows is that a good explainer video can consist merely of people expressing their ideas. Interesting idea to copy. | Our Blades Are F***ing Great


I can’t testify the quality of their blades or condone the language used but one thing is clear, their product went viral due to this 90-second explainer video, which resulted in bringing the startup to the view of the customers. It was an overnight success and making the featured CEO famous. Not just the viewers, even Unilever – the FMCG Giant – fell for it. All credit goes to this beautifully planned product video for marketing.


Amazon | Amazon Prime Air


This video features British gentlemen showing a hypothetical case study of a family. The great thing about this explainer video is that it showcases an innovative technology of transporting goods via drones, in a humble manner.


Spotify Explainer Video


This is an example of the best about-us explainer video from Spotify which dominated the music delivery market. They explain what they do and what the user will get, all in less than a minute and that too with a great CTA.


Celery – Don’t Be A Pitch


Celery is an innovative crowdfunding and pre-ordering platform that presents the current condition of crowdfunding with all its flaws in a hilarious manner. The parody of current crowdfunding techniques and Celery’s value proposition in the end really helps in generating interest in the product.


BriefMe – Just The Cream


BriefMe is a simple news aggregator app. They could have gone with a simple explainer video but opted for this hilarious clip of an “important man” explaining the importance of BriefMe. Explainer and exemplary both start with an “e”, coincidence or genius.


Warby Parker Glasses | Warby Parker Glasses try on program


Humor plays a major role in content marketing and this video acknowledges this fact with its awkward brand of humor. It builds interest in the product while explaining it simultaneously.


Google | Google Play Music: Free Music For Everything You Do


Like everything Google does, this video is funky, flashy and full of innovation. It uses some offbeat visuals which look stunning.


Foursquare | What is Foursquare


Foursquare, the local search-and-discovery service mobile app, famously known as the yelp killer explains their various services in this video in a quirky and adorable animation.


SafeDrive | SafeDrive – get rewarded for not texting while driving


In this explainer video, SafeDrive shows the problems with texting while driving and then explains how their product solves this problem with the use of a 3D styled animation.


Goodsie | What is Goodsie


Goodsie is an e-commerce website builder. They showcase their product via this video while featuring a great track which helps in building much-needed excitement about their product.


Litmus Email | Litmus Email Previews in a Nutshell


This explainer video showcases Litmus Email Previews with the help of a quirky animation which features a ninja. What could be better than a ninja to explain you a product?


Brisk – Animated Explainer Video


We decided not to feature any of our videos in this list, but this video was way too good to leave out. It features mellow colors and a great script.


STAMPSY | STAMPSY Explainer Video


This might be the most visually stimulating video on the list due to which you just can’t take your eyes off the video while it’s playing.


Hubspot | What is HubSpot?


Hubspot is one of the marketing leaders and they present their expertise in this explainer video.


Text Me Up App


“Text me up” app uses an adorable chameleon to help explain their product. If anyone is searching for good explainer videos featuring characters, this could be worth a watch.


Refresh | With Refresh, you never have to talk about the weather again!


Refresh uses humor in their explainer video to induce interest in their product and they ensure you never have to talk about the weather again!


Nest | Works With Nest


Nest provides an explainer video with good animation fused together with featured products. This video has a great flow and an even better color scheme.


SkillShare | What is SkillShare


SkillShare touches the serious issue of student debt with only the use of text. This video makes you feel while at the same time produces intrigue into their services


Tauron Group


Tauron group is a key player in the polish power market. This explainer video features some great animation and soothing British voice. This explainer video explains everything about the giant corporation in a short span.
That’s not all, there are tons of great explainer videos out there. Did we miss out any video you consider good? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below.