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Building Trust

How can Video Animators contribute in Building Trust?

The power of animation lies in its ability to make an immediate emotional connection with the viewer. It can make them smile, laugh, cry and go through the entire range of emotions while watching the video. It can get people to empathize and root for a character in the video.

What this does is create a positive association with the brand in the minds of the consumers. Sometimes, it won’t be easy to explain what you sell or what your different pricing plans are or even how one can make a purchase. This is where video animators can help you paint a picture. It will not only allow you to simplify topics that are difficult to explain, it will also allow you to dispense a lot of information in an engaging and interactive manner. Once you do that, consumers are going to be ready to listen to you.

57% of consumers said that watching videos made them more confident in making purchase decisions on the internet (MediaPost 2013). This is because not only do videos educate them about the product they are planning to buy, but they also make you an expert on the field. By working with professional video animators for your site, you can project the image of an expert, which is especially critical in domains such as insurance and healthcare.

When we are conceptualizing a video for a client, we go through a check list of items to ensure that it ticks all the right boxes. Is the video funny? Is it engaging? Is it talking to the right audience? But the one thing we never forget to do while making a video is adding that human element to it. At the end of the day, that is what builds trust and trust is what builds brands. So roll up your sleaves and work with the finest video animators in town.


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